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Permedia® Viewers Software

Data Manipulation and Analysis

Permedia® Viewers software includes an analysis system that allows you to interrogate regional, basin and reservoir datasets and extract additional value from your data. Viewers includes dozens of tools for manipulating data, allowing you to combine data in a variety of ways:

  • Create maps from mesh depth horizons
  • Extract mesh data along well trajectories and compare with observed well datasets
  • Extract mesh data coincident with a mapped horizon
  • Extract and analyze mesh property data through time
  • Extract maps from meshes, both layer properties and isosurfaces
  • Plot time-based mesh properties
  • Perform interactive pressure and temperature extracts from any basin mesh
  • Use mathematical operations to manipulate and combine map and volume data
  • Create subsets of map and volume data through "sculpting"
  • Resample and convert co-ordinate units
  • Convert from one data type to another, e.g., meshes to volumes, pointsets to maps, tabular data to wells

Understanding simulation results

Fully integrated with all Permedia products, Permedia Viewers software provides a suite of tools for analyzing simulation results.

When viewing Migration data, summarize the results by several measures, including:

  • rock volume
  • body position and extents
  • total pore volume
  • depth of top of accumulation
  • depth of vapor-liquid contact
  • depth of liquid-water contact
  • in situ and stock tank volumes

You can also export summary maps of specific bodies, and plot the extents of the bodies in your model.

When viewing Reservoir data, you can create time-property plots, summary maps, and much more.

Extract volume data to maps and wells.
Extract temperature isosurfaces for delimiting biodegradation pasteurization limits.
Results of a reservoir filling scenario. Statistics are provided on each accumulation. These summary tables are linked with the viewers to facilitate queries and analysis.

 Extract (PDF, 284 KB)
Use the Extract option to perform windowed extractions.

 Calculator (PDF, 264 KB)
Use the volume calculator to change the polarity between two horizons in a seismic file.

 Query Meshes (PDF, 323 KB)
Use 3D Viewer and Data Explorer to query meshes and plot element properties through time.

 Accumulation Summary (PDF, 256 KB)
Use Accumulation Summary to display the largest accumulations in simulation results.