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3D Viewer

3D Viewer provides a full OpenGL-accelerated environment for visualizing data in 3D. 3D Viewer also provides a host of features for analyzing and querying data. Obtain burial histories and create plots of mesh element properties.

3D Viewer
Subvolumes and sculpting

This example shows a 3D volume visualized using fences, as a subvolume for faster rendering, and sculpted to highlight a specific range of values.

Visualize industry-standard formats
Load multiple objects (wells, cultural polygons, volumes, structured meshes, etc.) into 2D or 3D scenes for quick comparison with real-world data. Permedia Viewers supports industry-standard formats such as ZMap, Irap, Gocad, Beicip, Eclipse and PetroMod formats.
Visualize basin and reservoir grids
When displaying meshes from Permedia, Temis, Eclipse or Petromod, simply select the mesh property you want to view. Query mesh elements and plot properties in Data Explorer.
Visualize volume data
View volumes as subvolumes for faster rendering; use volume sculpting to focus on specific regions or properties of interest.
Clip and slice volume data
Use the clip plane feature to cut into volumes and structures.
Extract data
Extract volume or structured mesh property data to wells and maps.
View data in 2D
2D Viewer includes the same features as 3D Viewer, including the ability to display wells and cultural data.

Map from Horizons (PDF, 352 KB)
Pick points along a horizon in 3D Viewer to create a map in Map Viewer.