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See step-by-step how easy it is to use Permedia® software.


Use Map Viewer to identify closures and create area or volume reports.

Fill and Spill
Use Map Viewer's Single Map Migration feature to perform fill and spill analysis on depth maps.

Fetch I
Use Map Viewer to identify fetch areas in a map, and fetch areas for specific closures in a map.

Fetch II
Use Map Viewer to identify closures that lie in the fetch area of another closure.

Temperature Map
Use Curve Editor to create a temperature map.

Expulsion Maps
Use Map Viewer to create generation and expulsion maps of light and heavy components.

Map from Horizons
Pick points along a horizon in 3D Viewer to create a map in Map Viewer.


Curve-based models
Create basin and present-day meshes from an Earth model using curves.

Sources and seals
Use Mesh Overrides to create alternate source and seal scenarios.

Dynamic Migration
Run migration simulations on native basin meshes.

Accumulation Summary
Use Accumulation Summary to display the largest accumulations in your simulation results.

Post processing and visualization

Data Explorer
Use Data Explorer to view and plot data in any delimited text file and produce report-quality graphics.

Viewer Pro
Visualize ultra-large volumes in 3D.

Query Meshes
Use 3D Viewer and Data Explorer to query meshes and plot element properties through time.

Image Browser
Capture your workflow on the fly and share presentations.

Export Burial History Data
Quickly export burial history data for use in Geocosm Touchstone.

Well Viewer
Use Well Viewer to open any Log ASCII Standard (.las) file and view curve data against any other well data.

Data and utilities

Use the Extract option to perform windowed extractions.

Use the volume calculator to change the polarity between two horizons in a seismic file.

Merge Pointset
Merge pointset data onto a corner point mesh.

SEG-Y Import
Convert SEG-Y data to a volume.

Google Earth
Export scenes to Google Earth.

Use Permedia software's scripting support to develop custom source rock schemes, PVT calculators, reactions and more.

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