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Reflecting parameter uncertainties and quantifying risk associated with basin and reservoir-scale models is critical to any modeling study.

All Permedia® simulators are supported by a risking framework, which allows probability distributions to be wrapped around simulator inputs. Probability distributions can be assigned to key variables, sampled using a variety of techniques, and multiple simulations can be executed using distributed processing. Simulation outputs are ranked according to "goodness of fit" with observed data.

Permedia software is probably the best petroleum systems risking tool available since it can quickly evaluate so many realizations and scenarios, all at non-degraded spatial resolutions


  • Mesh and fluid modifications
    Values in basin meshes are deterministic: each element contains a single value for a key property. With Permedia software, it's easy to add uncertainty to petrophysical and fluid properties by assigning distribution types to model parameters, as well as set correlations between inputs. This allows you to stochasticize model inputs.
  • Batch process multiple scenarios
    In addition to adding stochastic uncertainty to model inputs, construct multiple models that reflect specific model scenarios, for example, uncertainty about fault sealing attributes, the quality and extent of specific source rocks, etc., and use Permedia Batch Manager to run the scenarios any number of times.
  • Ease of post-processing analysis
    Interrogate the results of multiple scenarios in any number of user-defined ways. Permedia software allows you to constrain the data that is summarized by parameter, time, region and rock body. For example, from tens to hundreds of simulations you might only want to see the mean petroleum saturation in a specific reservoir at present day.
  • Compare model and observed data
    Compare model results with observed data (e.g., well-based log-calculated hydrocarbon saturations) using Permedia Correlation, based on user-specified search radii and goodness of fit criteria.

Assign probability distributions to key input parameters using Risk Editor.
Risking injected CO2 migration pathways. Colors represent the frequency that a body contains charge across all realizations. Red is very low probability, green is high probability.

 Feature - Understanding Risk
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