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The industry faces many challenges while exploring and drilling for hydrocarbons in complex geologic environments—including unconventional, deepwater, and sub-salt plays. The rising cost and economic risk of developing these plays is high. Permedia® Suite software can help upstream oil companies better understand risk and assess the viability of their petroleum exploration and production efforts.

The software provides an unmatched set of simulators and tools designed to provide insight and understanding of complex, fluid-oriented processes operating at basin and reservoir scales. Incorporating all of the post-processing tools of Permedia Viewers software and basin modeling tools of Permedia Petroleum Systems software, Permedia Suite software adds reservoir fluid modeling.

Permedia Suite software's reservoir tools bridge the gap between basin and reservoir simulation: while basin models lack the resolution to understand detailed filling processes, and classical reservoir simulators are not designed to handle geological timescales, Permedia Suite software reservoir tools integrate reservoir and basin workflows.

For reservoir engineers, the software provides insights into observed composition variations, fluid continuity assessments, and pressure/fluid property compartmentalization.

For basin modelers, the software enables the simulation of detailed reservoir charge and filling models that honor the controlling physics and fluid chemistry.

The reservoir tools are the product of a three-year research and development consortium (2005-2008) to develop a set of full physics, reservoir filling and mixing simulators, and are available exclusively in Permedia Suite software.



Reservoir Filling

Use Permedia Suite software to integrate well, petrophysical and seismic datasets, then forward model emplaced fluid volumes, evaluate containment potential, and perform filling sequence evaluations.

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Pressure and Tracers

Generate a pressure and velocity field from any volume (structured or unstructured mesh) with sources and sinks, and dope fluids with numerical tracers to track the movement of the fluids.

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Vertically summed, injected CO2 concentrations for different top seal conditions used for quantifying storage volumes.

Feature - Fluid Flow Simulators
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