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Reservoir Filling

Using Permedia® Suite software, integrate the results of regional basin-scale models and evaluations with highly detailed prospect and reservoir descriptions. Using the software's powerful risking tools, simulate tens to hundreds of fluid charge scenarios to investigate the risks associated with parameter and scenario uncertainties.

Reservoir filling applications

  • Quantify emplaced volumes
    Integrate well, petrophysical and seismic datasets, then forward model emplaced fluid volumes. Investigate charge and pore volume limitations, as well as the impact of internal reservoir architecture on emplaced fluid volumes and their distribution.
  • Evaluate containment potential
    Seal capacity is a critical risk factor in many projects. Use Permedia Suite software to investigate the impact of various petrophysical scenarios and the fluid property attributes that influence containment potential.
  • Perform filling sequence evaluations
    The distribution and phase of hydrocarbons in a reservoir are strongly influenced by filling direction, phase and timing. Using Permedia Suite software you can investigate the risked consequences of any number of filling scenarios on the detailed distribution patterns of petroleum in a reservoir


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Quantify reserves
Quantify volumes and fluid properties.

As data are acquired through the exploration and development and production life-cycle, fluid volume, distribution and property assessments are continuously refined. Permedia allows well, petrophysical and seismic datasets to be integrated and used in forward modeling petroleum fluid emplacement and alteration. In this example the geologic model consisted of structure maps and an inverted seismic volume calibrated to over 100 wells. Grey cut-aways show the complex stratigraphic architecture of the field. The colored volumes represent various renderings of modeled petroleum distribution.

Reservoir filling
Evaluate petroleum containment potential and emplacement patterns.

Data are not always available for ultra-high resolution hydrocarbon migration studies. Permedia provides a number of tools with which migration and volumetric analyses can be rapidly performed using a minimal amount of data. This example shows an interactive fill-spill analysis conducted on a single regional depth-structure map.

Use Migration for reservoir filling and fluid emplacement studies. Quantify containment volumes and fluid-based connectivity.
Reservoir filling study results showing vertical saturations projected onto a top seal map.