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Permedia® Pore Pressure Software

Permedia® Pore Pressure software is a flexible set of tools for conducting pore pressure studies. Each option can be used individually, or in conjunction with Pore Pressure Integration, an easy-to-use tool for combining pressure data from multiple sources.

1D basin modeling

Using BasinPT, a finite-volume based, forward pressure and temperature simulator, and a flexible Earth Model and rock property framework, basin pressure and temperature evolution is modeled using mathematical techniques familiar to basin modelers. The end result is a 1D basin model that describes the pressure and temperature evolution through time.

Pressure seeding

For cases where understanding paleo-pressure evolution is of less importance, Pressure and Tracers can be used to create pressure models of a basin/reservoir model. Using Pressure and Tracers to perform “pressure seeding,” you can take a volume- or mesh-based model and seed it with known pressure (or overpressure) values. When running an unsteady state pressure solve, the system is then allowed to “relax” and the pressure field will then adjust according to the permeability fabric. Pressures at the seed points (or wells) are held constant. The results of the pressure simulation can then be integrated with basin and seismic-based pressure models using Pore Pressure Integration.

Wireline data

Well Viewer features a new platform for integrating all types of basin and reservoir data into a framework for conducting well-based calculations. Well Viewer can take any well data as a starting point, augment it with data derived from curves, tables, volumes, and meshes, then use the combined dataset as input to calculators in user-defined scripts.

Scripts can be created to output pressure predictions using any number of techniques, such as simple Eaton Ratio methods to more sophisticated effective-stress-based techniques. These pressure predictions can then be compared against pressures predicted by BasinPT, pressure seeding or seismic velocity-based workflows.

Integrating pore pressure

Pore Pressure Integration can be used to calculate pore pressure from 3D seismic velocity data, integrate pore pressure data from multiple sources, or perform both operations in the same volume concurrently.

You can define regions in the data volume and apply different calibrations to each. Calculation results can be viewed interactively. When changes are made, the views can be updated to reflect the new values, allowing an iterative workflow whereby any changes can be evaluated locally prior to recalculating the whole volume.

All calculations are defined on one screen, providing an end-to-end view of what was previously a complex series of calculations involving many intermediate volumes.

Built on Permedia

Permedia Pore Pressure software's extensive file support makes integrating data from a variety of sources, whether wells, seismic or other data types, trivial.

Pressure and temperature evolution through time using BasinPT.
Calculate pressures in Well Viewer.
Calculate pore pressure by region.
View pore pressure calculation results interactively.

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