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Permedia® software is available in the following packages:

  • Permedia Viewers software - co-render and analyze data from multiple packages in a single view with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D software - model sediment maturities, heat flow, compaction, source rock potential and any number of derived properties based on your own workflows.
  • Permedia Petroleum Systems software - an end-to-end petroleum systems modeling toolkit. Build the structural framework, forward model pressures and temperatures, add source generation, migrate petroleum, and post-process the results.
  • Permedia Pore Pressure software - model the influences of pressures on trap integrity and sealing capacity, reservoir quality and maturation, and migration efficiency in the petroleum system. Perform pressure seeding analysis using Pressure and Tracers, and integrate pressure data using Pore Pressure Integration.
  • Permedia CO2 software - an industry-validated suite of tools customized for CO2 applications, with workflows for both prospecting and injection and storage simulation.
  • Permedia Suite software - the complete Permedia package, includes all features of the other packages, with the addition of reservoir simulators including Fluid Mixing and Black Oil.

Whatever your needs, we can help you start leveraging the power of petroleum systems analysis for your project. To get started, contact us.


Use Permedia software's scripting support to develop custom source rock schemes, PVT calculators, reactions and more.

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