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Permedia® Petroleum Systems Software

Permedia® Petroleum Systems software features the fastest, most advanced migration simulator in the industry, basin pressure and temperature simulators, in addition to many supporting technologies that complement these workflows.

With Permedia Petroleum Systems software, the same set of tools can be used to evaluate petroleum flow and emplacement ranging from core to basin scales. The tool is easy to use, with similar workflows at each scale of investigation. And because the migration solvers are so fast, it is practical to investigate many different scenarios and parameter uncertainties for risk analysis.

The software offers an end-to-end workflow for performing petroleum systems analysis:

  • build a detailed structural framework
  • forward model pressures and temperatures and model basin geometries and lithologies through time to create 1D, 2D and 3D models quickly and easily
  • create alternate source and seal scenarios
  • simulate multi-phase flow behavior in porous, faulted and fractured media to predict petroleum migration trajectories and highly detailed petroleum emplacement patterns
  • post-process the results




With close to ten years of development, the Permedia migration solvers are unmatched in their speed and sophistication. Featuring native support for Temis and PetroMod meshes, Bacchus 2 biodegradation support, and sophisticated tracer schemes, use Migration to perform reservoir filling and fluid emplacement studies, basin-scale migration, and more.

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Permedia software's pressure and temperature simulator offers fast calculations, accurate solutions and flexible workflows through the use of extensible plugins for pre-processors, rock property calculators, source rock kinetics, and many more.

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