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January 2016

Permedia® software version 5000.10.0 released

Landmark releases Permedia 5000.10.0, an update to the industry-leading petroleum systems and reservoir filling toolkit.

Version 5000.10.0 is an incremental update to the industry-leading petroleum systems toolkit, featuring improved OpenWorks® database support, enhancements to 1D basin modeling and framework-building workflows, improvements to BasinPT basin modeling, and more.

Enhanced OpenWorks® support. This release adds support for OpenWorks version 5000.10.1 and G1. The release also includes new write capabilities for pointsets and VDB 3D grids, read and write support for seismic volumes, and read support for geoshapes.

In addition, support has been added for reading OpenWorks data via DecisionSpace® Integration Server. Users can connect to multiple servers simultaneously and read the following OpenWorks data:

  • Grids (GDI)
  • Wells
  • Pointsets
  • Linesets (Geoshapes)

Interactive model building. Prospector, Permedia software's framework-building tool, includes new tools to generate missing section maps from 1D basin models and detect and automatically repair missing section crossovers. Using a set of 1D basin model studies, build missing section maps for a model layer by layer; output also includes deposit and present day isochore maps. Prospector also features improved geometry validation and mesh generation, specifcally with regards to missing sections and infation.

Superior 1D basin modeling. With the most comprehensive, full-featured 1D basin modeling environment available, this release features many enhancements to improve 1D workfows, including:

  • Merge log curves feature
  • Lithology texture and stratigraphy era, period, epoch and stage tracks for improved display of stratigraphy information
  • Improved workfows when building 1D models
  • Enhanced Edit Zones table, providing a single-view of 1D basin model properties

Faster basin modeling. The Permedia software basin simulator, BasinPT, features improved node (point) value calculation, large multithreading speedups, and better control over which properties are generated.

And more. The release includes numerous fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Connections now runs on meshes in addition to volumes
  • Charisma map support
  • User interface enhancements and simplified simulator input
  • Neftex stratigraphy definition file

Permedia software 5000.10.0 still features the most feature-complete set of tools for manipulating and analyzing data, is extensible with plugin and scripting support, and supports dozens of formats.

Visit us at the Landmark web site.

View videos about new features at the Landmark Video Learning Center.

Permedia 5000.10.0 runs on Windows 64 (7+) and Linux 64 (Red Hat 5/6).

The software is available now for download via the Landmark Software Manager. For licensing and to register for access to LSM, visit Landmark Customer Support.

About Permedia software

In development since 1998, Permedia software is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.