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December 2016

Permedia® software version 5000.12.0 released

For E&P companies involved in basin and near-field exploration or unconventional shale plays, we are proud to announce Permedia™ version 5000.12 is now available.

This release is designed to extend the quick-look embedded petroleum systems tools available in DecisionSpace® Geosciences 10ep to include workflows that need more advanced science and a level of integration not possible with competing niche products.

Highlights of the release include:

Understand shale potential
Source Rock Assessment, a workflow for quickly assessing shale potential based on data in wells or spreadsheets, has been enhanced with better charts and updated overlays.

More accurate 2D modeling around salt
BasinPT, the Permedia pressure and temperature simulator, includes an enhanced calculation engine for calculating temperature in 2D basin models, as well as finer control over thermal basement calculations.

Map-based Reservoir Filling
This new tool brings detailed volumetric calculations and post-processing to the classic map-based Fill-Spill Analysis workflow for quick prospect ranking and exploration workflows.

New ways to present findings to management
Petroleum systems events charts are a new way of presenting key elements of the evolution of a petroleum system to people who are not experts. Events charts feature concise displays that help geologists and managers understand the impact of petroleum systems on the economics of their project.

Events Chart

More exciting reports
Export any scene from 3D Viewer to PDF format, and zoom and rotate the scene in any PDF viewing application to get the point across better.

PDF Export

Plus it’s faster, easier to use, and more integrated:

  • This release adds support for OpenWorks® version 5000.10.5
  • Save 3D viewer sessions. All the objects in the scene along with their display properties, such as the color scale, labels, well lathe settings, and map transparencies are saved for quick access the next time you want to view them.
  • Enhancements to Data Explorer. Data Explorer, the Permedia charting and reporting module, has been enhanced in a variety of ways, including custom overlays, improved interface and updated options for cross plots.
  • Enhanced color support. Permedia software now supports additional color formats, including DecisionSpace® Geoscience color profiles.
  • Enhanced display of simulation results. Migration simulation results have traditionally been displayed in 3D Viewer using a point cloud. This release adds the ability to view results as surfaces.

The release is available now for download on Landmark Software Manager.

Permedia software 5000.12.0 still features the most feature-complete set of tools for manipulating and analyzing data, can be extended using custom plugins and scripts, and supports dozens of formats.

Visit us at the Landmark web site.

Coming soon - view videos about new features at the Landmark Video Learning Center.

Permedia 5000.12.0 runs on Windows 64 (7+) and Linux 64 (Red Hat 5/6).

The software is available now for download via the Landmark Software Manager. For licensing and to register for access to LSM, visit Landmark Customer Support.

About Permedia software

In development since 1998, Permedia software is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.